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Community Services

Community Services

When you adopt a shelter animal, you save two lives, the life of the animal you adopted and the life of the one who will occupy its room.

Bahrain Pet Relocation and its sister companies and services Bahrain K9 Academy, Bed & Biscuits Boutique Pets Hotel and Bed & Biscuits Pet Store, with it’s innovative charity events, happenings and sponsoring, have helped numerous number of stray dogs and cats through sponsoring, rehabilitation, financing and sheltering awaiting their forever home destinations.

Bahrain Pet Relocation community services

The community service is devoted to life changing for animals in need for forever homes. B.P.R have sponsored, financed and flew a numerous number of stray dogs to rescue centers in USA & Canada. We work closely with rescue centers in those countries where our sponsored animals undergo a rehabilitation program, veterinary treatments and requirements, proper travel planning and bookings until reaching their final destinations.

Sheeba, Zenzi and Snowy are some of our latest sponsored strays to Canada

Malakai & Zorro

Donated and sheltered by Bed & Biscuits and flew through Canada after a year of being dumped.

Enjoy some of pictures for Zorro and Malakai for their journey, from the stay @ Bed & Biscuits, donations campaigns and their final happy moments with their foster homes in Canada.

Bed & Biscuits community services

Working close with the BSPCA in organizing fund raising events, building awareness, and help bring the community together.
Wiggle walks, Bark In The Park, The Mud Run, Quiz Nights, Microchipping awareness, are some of our non-profit events organized in Bed & Biscuits where all proceeds went to the BSPCA for the animals in need

The BSPCA was established in 1979 by group of volunteers were it was officially registered at the Bahrain Ministry of Labor as a humane, charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of animals.

To help donate to animals in need, please visit the link below:

Bahrain K9 Academy community services

Towards dog

With its trainers and behaviorists, Bahrain K9 Academy community services towards dogs fall mainly in rehabilitation and dealing with behavior problems such as aggression and anxiety
Our rehabilitation programs for rescued dogs normally start two to three months before the scheduled departures to Canada or USA, trainers run an intensive course of crate training, separation anxiety issues, and help socialize stressed and unsecure dogs that lead them to be aggressive

Towards humans

By exploring ways dogs can help people overcome specific challenges and improve communities. The team have trained and graduated many assistance dogs to support children with disabilities or autism, or with the advise of choosing and training a dog with long term support as needed for a happier family