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Top 7 Ideas to Pick a Dog Relocation Crate for a Really Happy Travel

Long distance pet travel can become exhausting for your furry pets when you need to move them internationally with pet shipping services in Bahrain. Finding the perfect dog crate does not have to be difficult where your pet relocation expert can provide information and supply you with a dog crate to prepare for the international journey. When you want your furry companion to travel on their own and you are anxious about the entire process, you are rest assured to get a completely stress free and safe experience from the pet relocation services in Bahrain. Let us explore what influences your buying decision for a pet relocation crate specifically for dogs. Although it applies to most of the live animals.
1. Age of your dog
An aging dog needs special care and comfort when it comes to long distance travel. Choosing the best comfortable crate for your pet becomes the most important thing. However, there are many pet relocation companies in Bahrain that offer consultation on which dog crate to purchase. Soft absorbent bedding is appropriate but straws are prohibited in many countries.
2. Size of your dog
Dog crates are available from 18 inches to 48 inches. The size of your puppy increases with age and also its breed plays a significant role in the crate buying decision of your IATA approved crate for shipping pets from Bahrain. Pet relocation services sometimes provide customized crates
3. Health condition of your dog
Ventilation of the crate is essential for the health of your dog. It must also have feeding and watering options for your furry paws. If your dog is suffering from some health condition or is recovering from a critical condition, more space must be allowed inside the crate to move.
4. Freedom of movement
Weaning puppies must be shipped with their mother weighing upto 14 kg. The crate must have enough room for upto 3 in this case. IATA has specified the dimensions of crate and those breeds with snub nose need 10% larger crates than normal breeds. There must be enough space to turn around while standing, stand, sit, sit erect and lie around in a natural sleeping position for your dog inside the crate.
5. Aggressive dog
For shipping aggressive dogs that excessively bark, adequate provisions are taken to cover the crate with crate cover to minimize the light and noise inside. Sedatives must be prescribed by a registered veterinarian in case your dog goes out of control during the journey.
6. Material of the dog crate
Fibreglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood or plywood crates are allowed in air travel. Containers with welded mesh or wire mesh are not suitable for air transport as per IATA regulations. The crate interior must be of rounded edges for a safe environment avoiding any possibility of your dog being hurt.
7. Crate accessories
A clear label and marking must say “Live Animals”. The label must not obstruct the ventilation of the crate. Food and water troughs with dispensers must be attached on the inside of the crate and should be provided to the shipper. Extra accessories can be crate castors or wheels to smoothly relocate your dog crate.

Final Thoughts:
IATA regulated crates are designed to help your dog relax during their journey. The factors that influence your crate buying decision for relocation include age, size, health condition, freedom of movement, aggressive nature, material of the crate, and its accessories. Find more information about which crate to pick for your beloved pet by consulting with an expert at Bahrain Pet Relocation today!