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Top 5 Dog Requirements in Bahrain for an Extra Safe Dog Import

Bringing a pet dog from outside Bahrain does not need to be very difficult. With pet travel agencies like Bahrain Pet Relocation, it is very comfortable and luxurious for any size of dog qualifying the requirements. As Bahrain International Airport does not allow pets to be carried in passengers, it is easy to work with an IPATA certified pet relocation agency like Bahrain Pet Relocation. Drop in your queries here.

Dog requirements in Bahrain
i) Vaccination:
DOGS – Rabies, DHLP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirosis)  Dogs must have had a minimum of 1x dose of all these vaccinations and are allowed to move after 4 weeks of dose administration. Puppies are only allowed with a minimum of one dose of all these vaccinations. The first dose may be given at least 12 weeks old.

ii) RNATT (Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titre Test):
If you are in a country not listed as Rabies Clear by the Kingdom of Bahrain, a RNATT is necessary. It must be from an accredited laboratory and must result in 0.5IU/ml by FAVn test and is valid till 21 days after taking the first Rabies vaccination. Endorsement of government is required on RNATT certification.

iii) Import Permit:
Once your dog’s vaccine shots are taken and RNATT Certification are in place,
drop an email with a scan copy of all relevant pages of the pet’s passport, health certificates, medications, cards and booklets to +973 17402350 through attachment at Bahrain Pet Relocation an IPATA Agent, Bahrain. Allow three days to issue the Import Permit. Furnish the necessary information like –
Physical Traits – name of your pet, their species, their breed, their date of birth or an approximate age, male or female, their colour shade, length of their fur i.e. short or long haired.
Microchip information – not currently mandatory but information is recorded;
Owner’s Details – Your name, address, phone number & scheduled travel dates.
The Import Permit for pet(s), must arrive as “manifested cargo”, will 
be procured in the name of Bahrain Pets Relocators to exactly match the Air waybill 
consignee for Customs Clearance purposes. Pets must be measured and airline specified crate must be purchased as per the rules suggested.
Passenger accompanied pets are not allowed at Bahrain International Airport. 
Import Permit is necessary upon arrival in Bahrain by land, sea or air.

iv) Health Certificate:
Health certificate must be issued by a government authority or competent private authority from your country where you want your pet to ship from to bring in Bahrain.

v) Customs Clearance:
The customs office is located a bit far from the Bahrain International Airport. But your pet travel agency like Bahrain Pet Relocation takes care of the to and fro for getting the clearance using their mobile pet care taxis. These innovative taxis cater specially to the needs of a pet who has travelled from a far distance and provide superior comfort.

Everything included and more at Bahrain Pet Relocation:
1. Air Conditioned Pet Taxi:
Bahrain pet relocation cares for your pet who must have travelled a long or a short distance via air, sea or land through their appropriate air conditioned pet taxi. This will help your dog adjust with the climatic conditions in Bahrain and explore the roads through transparent windows.
2. Free complimentary stay at Pet Hotel and Grooming:
For those pet dogs who are still waiting for their expat parents get a free complimentary grooming and stay at Bed n Biscuits boutique pet hotel in Bahrain. Clean and fresh air, meals on time and certified dog trainers and caregivers help your dog feel comfortable and socialize with other pets too.
3. Doorstep delivery with a smile:
Bahrain Pet relocation will take care of your pet and through a pet taxi will deliver your dog safe and happy at your location throughout the entire Kingdom of Bahrain. Upon arrival till the time your dog is travelling, they will cater to the specific needs of your dog or dogs and care for them accordingly.

Final Thoughts:
A journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step and a new life in Bahrain for your pet is awaiting. Meeting the qualifying requirements will ensure your pet arrival on time at your desired location. Vaccination, RNATT, import permit, health certificate and customs clearance are few of the dog requirements in Bahrain to take care of. 

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