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Sameer Malgundkar

I would like to thank Mr. Antonio and the entire B&B team for taking care of our pets 3 cats & 1 Dog Boxer who had been put up at their hotel for dogs n cats and subsequently had to be relocated from Bahrain to Muscat, Oman. During the stay we were quite happy to see our pets enjoying every day at the hotel as they always allowed our dog to socialize with other pets as also our cats were playing in the open area inside the Catery. Relocation of Boxer is quite difficult as few airlines n countries too don’t accept them however the whole process was smoothened out by Mr. Antonio which helped us to see all our pets being sent with attention paid to each details and a great re-union at the end of their journey. We are most thankful to B&B team for helping us start a new journey in Muscat Oman ? ? Great work and we would recommend everyone relocating their pets from Bahrain to contact only Bed and Biscuits. A big THANK YOU ?