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9 Ultimate Ways Importing Dog in Bahrain is of Perfect Value

When you want to move with your pet dog in Bahrain, there are several favourable conditions on your side for importing dogs in Bahrain. We have discovered many pet parents getting troubled with many questions about the environment and values in Bahrain with regards to their pets. In this article, we are going to address those. If you need further assistance, check out our dog transport services in Bahrain from Bahrain Pet Relocation.

We know the pain of parting with your favourite dog, foster dog or your own pet. That’s why we keep a track of the condition of your pet crate while traveling and make sure the best practices are followed for importing pets in Bahrain. If you are still looking for the best pet transport in Bahrain for international travel, Bahrain Pet Relocation comes in handy with all paperwork, logistics and pet accessories for a safe and comfortable travel for moving pets to Bahrain.

Here are some of the most sought after questions you may have before you import your dogs in Bahrain. This is going to clear many doubts about the process of bringing your pets in Bahrain and also make you familiar with Bahrain rules.
1. Dogs are allowed to swim in public places or not?
Public swimming pools are meant for humans. Due to aesthetic reasons, some breeds of untrained dogs may not be allowed to swim in public places like local swimming pools. However, there are separate play areas for dogs at kennels in Bahrain where you will want to take your puppy. There they can enjoy and you can enjoy with them as well.
2. Permission to release the dog from leashes in public spaces
At private hotels and resorts, the staff would take care of your dog and you would be able to release his leashes in their premises where they allow pets. Some resorts allow and some do not. While at other places of interest, do check their own set of rules.
3. Banned at beaches and public places
Each beach has its own pet policy. Most of them completely prohibit entry of pet dogs, while others have a timing for dog entry. Do check the rules of public beaches with respect to dogs.
4. Awareness about banned breeds
Any animal breed that relies on hunting for eating meat is prohibited in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dangerous dog breeds of attack dogs are completely banned. If found owning such a breed will lead you to a hefty fine of 2000 B.D. If you are found to unleash your dangerous dog against someone, a fine of 10,000 B.D. and a three year imprisonment is given as a punishment to the pet owner. Bahrain does not have a list of banned breeds.
5. Availability of PSA Clubs for grading of dog training
There are many canine associations that are typical in Bahrain. These include Cat Society of Bahrain and Pet Animals (CSBPA), Bahrain Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA), Bed n Biscuits, Animal Welfare Centers and more. There are many dog daycare centers that also hold dog sports and training. If you want to opt for a more luxurious option, go for a dog hotel as well. Have your dog regularly prepare for canine obedience and control protection competitions using Protection Sports Association (PSA) centers. Get grades for the training of your dog with PSA clubs in Bahrain.
6. Think about dog sports at the new location
Water sports, herding, pulling, protection, obedience, racing, and tracking are the common dog sports. Buy all kinds of dog sports accessories. If you are already carrying dog sports accessories along, it is worth a great deal to keep your pet entertained in Bahrain. Taking attack dogs on hunting in public is prohibited in Bahrain.
7. Your pets are allowed in Amwaj Islands Lagoon
Yes. If your dogs are peaceful and not continuously barking, you can take them to Amwaj Islands lagoon. There are many pet friendly areas in Bahrain around Amwaj Islands Lagoon. You will get a lot of pet parents walking their dogs outside and your dog will have many chances of socializing with other dogs too. Most pet parents select Amwaj islands, Riffa, Manama, Seef and more places for their pets, however, since Bahrain is progressive nation, you will find pets everywhere. Move your beloved puppy anywhere across Bahrain with the best pet moving company i.e. Bahrain Pet Relocation. They also take care of pet relocation within Bahrain.
8. And also allowed in American Alley
Juffair’s most prestigious American Alley is one of the best places in Manama for a dog friendly atmosphere. Not just the American Alley, all dogs taken anywhere must follow rules and they will be welcomed everywhere.
9. How to find the nearest vet with the help of your dog transport service?
Your neighbourhood dog transport service has a list of all good vet services for different breeds of dogs. Upon request, they provide your dog with medical consultation. Some dog transport companies have a dedicated veterinarian on their site. Pet boarding places in Bahrain would also have dedicated vet services for all breeds of dogs.

Check out the reviews of your local veterinarian on the internet websites like Google, Facebook & local listings. They provide your dog medical attention with respect to dental procedures, surgeries, routine checkups and more. This ensures your puppy remains healthy and happy in their journey.

Bahrain’s environment is pet friendly and most people are pet accommodating. If you are taking your dog to Bahrain with international relocation, you must comply with all the necessary rules. Watch out for your dog not hurting your neighbour and creating chaos. Be rest assured that Bahrain will provide dog training, dog sports, dog hotel, dog daycare and veterinary services. You will also be able to enjoy with your beloved puppy, the friendly culture that welcomes trained dogs swimming in public places and release your friendly dogs from leashes for sometime as long as it is not intimidating anyone.