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9 Luxury Door to Door Pet Transport Help to Make Your Pet Travel Easy

Whether you are stuck in quarantine or having a change of career, you need extra care for your pet to move them from one place to another. Whether domestic or international, luxury door to door pet transport helps you be absolutely worry free with flawless execution of the pet import procedure according to the rules and regulations. It is not allowed to carry your pet in the passenger cabin on a Bahrain flight. It is therefore necessary to ensure you meet the requirements by countries across the globe for safe and hassle free dog shipping services in Bahrain or from Bahrain to anywhere in the world.

Many dog transport services in Bahrain offer high quality safe and comfortable pet travel in Bahrain. For instance, Bahrain Pet Relocation has been in the industry and we are known for our dog transport services in Bahrain. Over the years, we have successfully transported pets to their parents and answered all kinds of pet travel related questions including how their dogs and cats are doing along the journey. Here are the things we help proud pet parents in a step by step manner to make pet transport easy throughout the world.
1. Safe Pickup of Your Pet in Minivan or SUV
Before we begin, we want to know about when your pet likes to be fed, how they like to be handled and any medical or health conditions they are having, so that we can provide proper care. We will arrive at your home and take care of your pet. Your pet is comfortably carried in a minivan or SUV with climate control as per your pet’s preference. For us, safety matters the most. Your pet must remain safe and healthy until we bring it to your doorstep.
2. Verify Proper Documents
Proper documents including a pet passport, import permit, official health certificate, and more for entry into one country and exit from another are crucial. If documents are not completed properly, there are unnecessary delays in customs clearance. Bahrain Pet Relocation experts specialize in customs clearing for pet travel.
3. Get the Right Travel carrier
The container as per IATA regulations is made for the safest humane conditions. Measuring your pet and carrying them in the right size container for a comfortable and safe journey is important. At Bahrain Pet Relocation, our experts buy and prepare your live pet animal crate for the journey. If your puppy or kitten needs crate training, Bahrain Pet Relocation is more than happy to help.
4. Book the flight
The ground staff, airline staff, check-in staff and freight forwarders undergo extensive training for compliance with the rules and regulations set by IATA. May to September are the worst months to ship a pet through cargo in Bahrain as the heat and climatic conditions are not appropriate for healthy pet travel. However, if you wish to bring your pet in Bahrain during these months, there are private airlines that allow you to bring your pet in the cabin from countries in Europe, the United States of America and the Gulf.
5. Safe Flight Boarding
Airport transfer for your pet with proper documentation and clearances, crate prepared with labels and markings and performing the check-in procedures are carried out flawlessly with Bahrain Pet Relocation. After your pet has taken off from the airport, we update everything with you as per the updates from the airlines.
6. Live Updates on Your Pet Progress
During the trip, you will receive updates about your pet’s health and safety and progress on the trip. Receiving personalized postcards and more is the best way to cherish the memories of your pet while they safely reach their destination.
7. 24×7 Support Center
Let us answer any queries related to your pet transport. Connect with Bahrain Pet Relocation any time while your pet is travelling out of Bahrain or in Bahrain through our dedicated support center. Get live updates, information and more. Call +973 17402350 or +973 33053356.
8. Get a Call upon Arrival
Once your dog or cat or any pet is about to reach their destination, you will receive a call on the phone number specified. After confirmation and customs formalities at the airport, if you wish, your pet gets a complimentary grooming at Bed n Biscuits and then they are ready to meet you.
9. Doorstep Delivery in Minivan or SUV
Airport transfer is a breeze for your pet as they are driven in minivan or SUV for a comfortable and safe travel. It is a happy moment for us to see your pet hugging you back after the trip and makes us feel proud we could do so. Connect with Bahrain Pet Relocation first for all pet transport related queries today!