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7 Ways to Make Foreign Travel Easy for Your Lovely Cats

There are many myths you have about international cat travel, however, foreign travel and cats is easy and comfortable when you have IPATA certified international pet shipping services in Bahrain. One of the companies that offer superior pet shipping services is Bahrain Pet Relocation. Know more about it with our ultimate guide to moving internationally with pets.
1. Being fair with your pet breed:
Carrying a pet across international borders is now easy with many providers like Bahrain Pet Relocation. Before taking them anywhere in the world, check information on the destination weather conditions. We all know polar bears cannot stand tropical climates. Some breeds of cats are not tolerant to tropical climates as well. Check about their bloodline and whether they are fit to be taken on board or in a safe cargo carrier. It can be easy to get your emotions in your way of thinking practically, however, it is important to consider the breed that you are going to adopt or carry.
2. Getting the right vaccinations and paperwork for your kitty:
The most important part of medical certification for international travel is the right vaccination. Getting your cat shots for Feline Panleukopenia Virus (FPV), Feline Rhinotracheitis (FHV-1) and Feline Calicivirus is the right thing to do. This increases their immunity against any probable infestation and infections and makes them stronger for travel. Particularly, it is important to vaccinate the aging cats with several shots of complete dosage before they are ready and safe for travel. Bahrain Pet Relocation helps you book an appointment with a registered veterinarian and with obtaining medical certificates as well.
3. Finding the right size carrier or crate for your cat and import permit:
A small cat can be carried in the cabin in a proper IPATA certified crate that  lets them breathe. However, bigger cats need to be carried in the cargo with proper labels and need to pass clearance as well at the customs. They need an import permit to unload the cargo in the land of the Kingdom of Bahrain. When sending to a different country from Bahrain, your pet needs an import permit for the destination country.
4. Perfect Cost Estimation of moving and other expenses:
Complete transparency with respect to costs of moving from a different country to Bahrain and vice versa is important. Providing quality services like doorstep pickup and drop can sometimes get tricky and expensive but not with Bahrain Pet Relocation. Their transparent pricing policy takes everything into account and helps you track your pet wherever they are during the trip.
5. Complimentary Comfortable Stay, Grooming and Hygiene:
Bahrain Pet Relocation is keen on providing upscale care for your kitty arriving in Bahrain with complimentary grooming and stay at a pet hotel accomodation exclusively for pets. If you are traveling after or before your pet arrives in Bahrain, they make sure they work for the best care for your cats. This makes you stop worrying and start enjoying your new experience in Bahrain.
6. Paperwork to Make your Cat Travel Ready:
Bahrain pet passport, microchip, recent health certificate issued 10 days before travel, import or export permit and more. Discover more about the documents required to make your cat travel ready with Bahrain Pet Relocation. They will acquire necessary documents before your travel arrangements and make it easy and convenient for your cat.
7. Giving your cat crate training and making them flying ready:
Cats get jet lagged too. Proper nutrition combined with exercise can help. However, switching between different time zones can alter their behavior. Because their body clocks change, it might get difficult for them to adjust to the new environment and routine. When your cat is going to be flying for hours or days together, it is essential to prepare them before taking off. If your cat is not used to traveling, travel with them frequently. They should know what to expect. Bahrain Pet Relocation provides this service and makes your cat ready to go.

To prepare your cat for foreign travel you need to be fair with your pet breed, get vaccinations, find the right size crate, precise cost estimation of expenses, comfortable stay and grooming, paperwork and training. Get your cat jet set ready with Bahrain Pet Relocation today!