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7 Amazing Ways to Prepare Old Pets for Health Test to Move Internationally

Depending upon the age, origin and breed of your dog or cat, you can plan to move internationally without any trouble. In order for your pet to pass the mandatory health test, you need to adopt a few strategies for a comfortable world wide pet transport experience. Alternatively, an animal shipping company also provides few of the services mentioned below to help ensure a comfortable pet transport.

When flying internationally, elder humans face health problems like jet lag, headache, insomnia, body clock changes, fatigue, digestive disorders, impaired healing power, performance drop and more. Similarly, your old pet might get these problems too and may affect their health for a long time. Here are a few tips to help you get started to prepare for your journey to a better world and pass the medical examination.
1. Identify gaps: Analyze the medical reports of your pet. Check for any nutritional deficiencies like vitamins, minerals, protein and more. Check for their digestive capability. If your pet is generally weak or strong. Check for reduced bone density and joint problems.
2. Fill in the gaps: Patch the nutritional gaps with the care of an expert veterinarian. Make your pet go on regular health supplementation for their deficiencies. Invest into quality healthcare and supplements. Never allow your pet to undergo severe surgery or operation before moving. Make sure to get your pet completely healed and recover out of any complicated surgery before moving with them to a different country.
3. Exercise and training: A dog or a cat is less active when they age. Exercise becomes crucial to keep them active physically and mentally. Walk your dog or cat every morning in a pleasant environment. Perform yoga, go out running and take them with you. They tend to learn from their owner and start mimicking you in no time. Make exercise a part of your daily healthy lifestyle. This will help you build their strength and immunity even at a later stage in their life.
4. Crate training: Not just puppies who are in their development phase need crate training, a particularly aggressive or emotional dog or cat needs it too. A proper crate training is provided by a dog trainer available at a pet transport service near you. However, you can even try your hand at it if you want. Help your pet know the importance of correct crate etiquette to stop any injuries and health hazards.
5. Anti anxiety therapy: Music, dance, talking,  fragrance, chew toys, relaxation spa and massages, socializing with other pets consist of anti anxiety therapy. It keeps your pet away from separation anxiety and makes them feel better cared for reducing all the stress.
6. Explore outdoors: Travel to places with your pet. Let your pet explore water, air, rocks and more. Let them experience the beauty of nature as it relaxes and calms your nerves. The same effect you will experience with yourself.
7. Quality time: All in all, it is love that binds you with your pet. It is a misconception that if you stay apart, your pet will not have separation anxiety. Instead, you need to spend quality time together for peaceful travel and pet transport later.
Pets age the same way people age. Being a pet parent is a no brainer when you want to carry your pet with you to a different country. Luckily there are few techniques to implement for a comfortable and smooth new life in a new world. To pass a health test, pet parents need to identify gaps, fill the gaps, arrange exercise and training for your pets, get crate training, try anti anxiety therapy, explore the outdoors with your pet, and spend some quality time together. Once you are ready, get an animal shipping company like Bahrain Pet Relocation to take care of the rest and comfort for your pet. Schedule your journey now!