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5 Tips to care for an Older Cat

Taking care of an older cat can be a tedious and stressful process in itself. At Bed n Biscuits, we help take care of your pets at our pet hotel and spa
Cats have different needs for different age groups. Therefore, the method of caring for older cats is very different from that of their younger counterpart. Generally, cats over the age of 7-10 years are considered older. Here are some points which every cat owner should be mindful of with regards to their older cats:

1. Regularly visit the veterinarian

It is advisable to visit your veterinarian once a year even when you think your cat is perfectly healthy. There are various conditions which are hidden in nature and are not apparent until they have taken a mammoth toll on your cat’s health. It is always cheaper to prevent the disease than to cure it.

2. Body condition evaluation

Request your veterinarian to evaluate your elderly cat’s body condition on every visit. It is advisable if you learn certain methods to check your cat’s well-being up to a certain extent. There is a high chance of your older cat suffering from arthritis, kidney or lung malfunction due to which it can gain weight. On the other hand, there are cats which start gaining weight due to lack of activity as they grow older. You need to keep an eye on their regular activities to determine their health conditions.

3. Regulated diet

Older cats should be given regulated diet after consulting the veterinarian on the same. A protein-rich diet is advisable for the cats as they grow older. The owners should learn to read the pet food label and feed their cats according to their age and lifestyle. You should feed your cat so as to maintain its ideal body weight. Obesity can result in various lung and kidney related problems and also increase the risk of their heart.

4. Oral hygiene

It is highly significant to mention the importance of dental hygiene in cats. Although brushing a cat’s teeth may sound like a bad idea, in reality, it is not so. Even so, dental treats can be considered as an alternative which should be given to the older cats regularly.

5. Special accommodation

Special arrangements should be made for cats suffering from arthritis etc. the sides of the boxes should be low so as to make it easy for the cat to get in and get out of it. The water and food should be kept nearby. There should be the minimum strain on the joints and activities such as climbing the stairs should be minimized.
This list covers only the minimum basic content and is not exhaustive by any means. You could visit for pampering your pets.